Mysteries Of Egypt

Welcome back again! This week I will take you guys to the land full of history, magic, and mysteries.  The country which is surely be the dream destination of most of adventurous people. Yes, I’m talking about Egypt!


“There is nothing new in Egypt. Egyptians are making history as usual” – Silvio Berlusconi


In a first place, I have to say that you will never truly understand the quote above if you have never been to Egypt. This quote still pops up in my mind every time I hear the name ‘Egypt’. I have been to Egypt in 2012. Basically, my desire to go to Egypt is probably because I really love the animation called ‘The Prince Of Egypt’. I have watched it so many times that I have lost the count. So I was all in when my sister came up with the idea that our family should go to Egypt for the Songkran Holidays. We spent a week in Cairo and visited almost every interesting sites there. Get ready guys, I’ll take you to the top 3 sites in Cairo!



The Pyramids Of Giza


The Great Pyramids of Giza is Cairo’s must visit attraction that everyone who go to Egypt have no excuse of not going. It is the only one last surviving of the Seven Wonder of the Ancient World. So no doubt why you shouldn’t miss this place. The Great Pyramids of Giza located in the Southwest suburb in Cairo. It was built over the lifetime of three generation by the rulers Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure.



The pyramids are guarded by the Sphinx, a body of lion with the head of the king which is a symbol for strength and wisdom. Do you wonder who broke the nose of the Sphinx? I have heard the tale that a cannonball fired by Napoleon’s soldiers hit the nose and caused it to break off. However, Egyptologists still have not found any conclusive evidence.




At Giza plateau, I got a chance to ride on a camel for the first time. It was both fun and scary at the same time. The camel was like 2 meters tall I think. I was so afraid that I’m gonna fall down but well, I survived! I can’t remember the exact price but I think it was 8 US Dollars for the camel riding.


After walking around the Giza Plateau,  I was very captivated by some magical power of this place. I wondered how people at that time built these things. It was such an amazing site and no trip to Egypt is complete without a visit here.

Khan El-Khalili

The local restaurant and cafe at the Khan El-Khalili market

Khan El-Khalili is located 12 km. from Cairo’s downtown. It was named after Prince Jaharkas Al-Khalili, a powerful Mamluk’s prince in the 14th century.The display of original Mamluk style architecture will make a visitor sense an old Arab souk. The bazaar is full of all kind of goods such as fresh spices, perfume, fabrics, gold, copper, souvenirs and many other beautiful objects. There are also many cafe and restaurants where you can enjoy local foods and drinks.

I strongly recommend you guys to visit this traditional bazaar. I’m certain that you will get something even though you are not looking to buy one. But please keep in mind that this is the open traditional market so the price of goods are varies. You should bargain in order to get the best price. Remember if you go to Cairo, don’t miss this place!

The Egyptian Museum

photo credit: egyptlover11

The Egyptian Museum is one of the World’s greatest museum which contains over 120,000 ancient artefacts. It takes place on the north side of Midan Tahrir in downtown of Cairo. The museum houses many important pieces of Egyptian history including, Mummies, sarcophagi, pottery, jewellery and of course King Tutankhamen’s treasures.

I felt like I could spend all day in this museum because there were so many things to see. Actually, one day is not enough to see all of the objects. My tour guide said that in order to see everything in this museum you have to spend at least 9 months! If you plan to stay that long, go ahead and see as much as you can! But if you have only a day, here is my top 3 must see items:

  1. Golden Mask Of Tutankhamun 



The Golden Mask can be found in Room 3, Ground Floor of the museum which also contains Tutankhamun’s beautiful jewelry and two sarcophagi.



2. Golden throne of Tutankhamun 


photo credit:

The throne can be found in Upper Floor, Room 35. It is made primarily of wood and it is beautifully overlaid in sheet gold and silver. It is used to highlight Tutankhamun’s power and  possibly also used to show the love and connection for his wife Ankhesnamun.




3. The Royal Mummies Room


The rooms of the Royal Mummies contains some of Egypt’s pharaohs and queens bodies, including Ramases ll. The mummies are well preserved with hair, finger and toenails. There is an extra charge for entering this room (Regular: 100EGP / Student: 60 EGP)




If you are the person who interested in Egyptian history, you would really enjoy walking around the Egyptian museum. No matter what, put this place on your list!

Alright, I’ll end this trip to Egypt with several pictures that I took while I was in Cairo. I really hope you enjoy reading my experience and as I say, Egypt should absolutely be on your travel list. You will find out why many people who have been there were fascinated by this country! Thank you for keep reading this till the end. Stay tuned for the next journey 🙂



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