300 Days In America: First Stop in Boston

Hello guys 🙂 I’m back and so ready to share one of my best experience! So first I want to ask you something. If anyone asked you, what has been the best experience of your life so far? What would you guys answer? I’m sure everyone has his or her own favorite place as same as me. For me, I’ll answer with no hesitation that my best time in life is when I was in America!

It all started when I decided to join the exchange student program in 2013. The moment I knew I’ve got accepted in the program, I was so nervous and hesitant. But, it was a once in a lifetime chance. I thought that it was the only time I can attend in the American high school and live like the American teenagers ( I imagined that it would be like in the American movies lol). So that was probably the reason I chose to grab the chance. The closer the date came, the more I feel nervous. It was hard to go away from your home that long. At that time, I couldn’t imagine how I’m going to complete the exchange year.


It was an extremely long flight and my first stop is in Massachusetts. My friends and I attended 2 weeks exchange student camp there before we were going to our own host family. I remembered that I slept mostly all the time I was on the plane so I didn’t feel that torture. When we arrived at the airport, the staff from the Macduffie High School came and pick us up. The Macduffie High School is in Granby, Massachusetts. It is around 90 miles from Boston. There were many exchange students from different countries joined this camp. We have an English class from 9.ooAM-12.00AM. and the school provided activities for us in the afternoon such as tennis, soccer, basketball,etc.






There were also days that the school taking us on a field trip. We went to play glow bowling at night and to watch movies at the mall near the school. Actually, glow bowling was very fun for me. Probably because I have made a lot of friends there. There were friends from Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.



My favorite trip was the one we went to Boston. We spent one day there and even though we was kind of wandering around Boston but was still enjoyed. Basically, my friends and I were helping each other following the map they gave. We got lost but it was fun getting lost with friends I guess lol.



One of the thing that I really like about Grandby is the Cindy’s drive-in restaurant near the school. Hamburgers and Ice cream were soooo gooooood!! There were about 20 favors you could order and my favorite one is grasshopper. It was mint and chocolate chip ice cream. We went there everyday even though we have to walk pass 3 soccer fields in order to get there. So guys if you have a chance to go near Grandby, MA, don’t forget to drop at Cindy’s Drive-in.




After 2 weeks in this camp, I felt so close with my friends there. It was because we stayed together all day and night and we had helped each other a lot. So the saddest part was when it was the time for us to separately go to our own host family which were in different states. I said goodbye to them and knew that it would be a long time until we’ll meet again next year.



After we all separated, the real journey was started. It was the first time I was flying alone and I was so excited, nervous and afraid.Actually, there were many feelings at once because I knew that I was just me, myself, I now. I have got no friends and family who I can rely on anymore. I have to be in this journey to Erie, Pennsylvania alone.



To be continue….
















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