300 Days In America: Welcome to the City Of Erie

Hello again guys! Welcome back to my journey to America. Last time, I was talking about the camp in Massachusetts so this week I’m going to introduce all my beloved readers to know more about Erie, Pennsylvania, a beautiful place where I stayed for almost a year.


Let’s begin with the little information about this city. So Erie is a city located in the Northwest of Pennsylvania. It is the Great Lakes port city nearby the peninsula of Presque Isle State Park. Erie has been called ‘Gem City’ because of the sparkling lake which made it became the main attraction of the city. When I first arrived there, it was kind of strange because you know that Bangkok is very busy and crowded but Erie is completely different. It was such a nice and calm place. So that’s the reason why I wasn’t really familiar with that kind of peace environment lol. However, the longer I stay, the more I fell in love with this small city. There were so many things to do and many interesting places to visit. Therefore, I’m going to present you guys my top favorite places in Erie!

Presque Isle State Park


It is a great place where people can relax and have fun in every season. It provides so many activities depends on the seasons. Presque Isle is very popular in summer. People often spending time on the beach, kayaking and biking on the trail. When the temperatures drop in winter, trails are used for the cross county ski and this place will filled with ice fishers. When the lake freezes, you can actually walk on it!  And some say that the sunrises and sunsets become even more spectacular during the winter.



My friend and I love to sled riding at the Presque Isle during the winter. Also, we built many snowman lol. The winter in Erie was harsh. The snow averages approximately 150 inches so there were days that the school is closed for the snow day. First, I was so happy with the snow day thing but then I realized that although there was no school, I couldn’t really go anywhere because of the heavy snow.




These are the pictures when I went to the Presque Isle during the spring when the snow started to melt. You can see that there were still a few ice floating on the lake. Consequently, I have to say that the Presque Isle State Park is worth to visit in any season!

Downtown Erie

Downtown Erie is the central of business and cultural center of the city. There are museums, university, theater, bars and restaurants there. One thing I love about this place is that it filled with many type of restaurants. My favorite restaurant in Downtown Erie is the Plymouth Tavern. I love their Charbroiled Burgers and Buffalo chicken wings! Their dishes were great and the decoration inside the restaurant was also very nice and relax.



Another favorite place in the Downtown Erie is the Erie Insurance Arena. I love to watch Ice Hockey Games there. Actually, it was my first time ever to watch the hockey game because as you all know we don’t really have this kind of sport in Thailand. My host dad is the number one fan of Erie Otters, a local team in Erie. So every time there was a game, he would take me to watch it with him.




Splash Lagoon


Splash Lagoon is a place where I love to hang out with my friends. It is an indoor water park so we could go there even in the winter. It suits for people in all ages because it provides areas for kids, teenagers and adults. There are so many kind of slides that worth to try on. This place also holds an event sometimes which I attended to one of them. It was the music event which got the dj to turn the music up in the wave pool area. Moreover, if you don’t like the water stuff, the arcade zone and lazer tag game are also available!




Well, these are my top 3 favorite places in Erie. Just like I said Erie is a small city but there are so so so many things to do there. Actually, there are also several historic places and museums too if you guys are the person who interested in the history. But that’s just not my style, I enjoy visit a relax and fun places just like the above examples. I could say that I really enjoy my time there in Erie and I hope to go back soon!!












  1. Looks like a fun place! I only knew Erie from the poem “John Maynard” by Theodor Fontane which is a poem we learn in German literature class. In this poem a ship that runs on Lake Erie capsizes and the captain drowns dramatically.

    So it’s nice to learn something about the city of Erie instead here 🙂

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