300 Days in America: Life in American High School ( Part1)

Hi guys ๐Ÿ™‚ Welcome back! I was talking about the city of Erie on the last post so today I’m going to talk about my high school life in Erie. Just like I’ve said, I’m a girl who watches many American movies and and hopes to attend in the American High School once in my life. And the dream came true, my time in high school was a great and memorable experience I would never forget.


Iroquois High School is located in the east of the city of Erie. It consists of approximately 400 students from grade 7-12. At that time, I was the senior or the student in class of 2014. I received very warm welcome from all of teachers and friends. Iroquois is not a big school so everyone probably knew me and other two exchange students from Norway and Germany.



I have 7 classes per day. The school starts at 7.40am and ends at 2.40pm. I often got there at 7.15am by the bus so I have breakfast at school in the morning.




I chose to study American History, English, Stage craft, Food and Nutrition, Marching/ Concert Band, Math, and Broadcast. The schedule repeated everyday. The classroom environment was quite different from Thai high school. Students were very energetic. They really pay attention and interact with teachers. I think it was probably because they’ve a chance to select what they want to study. Teachers were also gave attention to all the students. I remembered that I was very new to the American History thing so I was struggle a bit. Hence, My American teacher helped me a lot. She spent her time to teach me after school and I was really appreciated.




For me, my favorite class was Stage Craft. We learned how to create a stage play and we actually made one. There was no exam for this class. There were just quizzes and all we have to do was being a stage crew for the play called ‘Aida’. We have to build and paint all the props and scene, run the script, and prepare the costume for actors and actress. It was fun and exciting. Also, I won the vote for the best stage crew ย of 2014 lol.


Another favorite thing about the school is that there was a costume week which everyone should follow the dress code. For example, pink day, green day, super heroes day etc. The school was full of astounding outfits. Some of the guy actually worn a girl dress. It was hilarious. Well, teacher also follow the dress code which was even more funny. I was really enjoy going to school that week.




I love to hung out with friends after school. We usually had a movie night either at one of friends’ house or the cinema. Sometimes we had a bon fire which I really really liked! It was so much fun when all of friends gathered around the fire and just had a kind of nice and relax night together. I miss having a bon fire night but I can’t really do anything because the weather in Thailand is not suit with this kind of activity ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


So yeah, this is a part of my high school life in America. Next week, I’m going to talk about the school’s clubs and activities so stay tuned!! See you guys next time ๐Ÿ˜€










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