300 Days In America: Life In American High School (Part 2)

Hello! Welcome guys 🙂 As I promise to talk about the club and activity in this week so don’t waste anymore time. Let’s start!

At Iroquois High School, there are so many clubs and activities available for students. The activities such as sports are changing up on seasons. There are club such as the speech and debate, drama, yearbook, world language, marching band etc. And the activities such as American football, soccer, track and field, swimming etc.



In the first semester, I joined the marching band. I was responsible in the Pitt section which I played xylophone. Actually, I was not into this kind of activity. I didn’t even know how to play xylophone. I just have a basic skill of reading music notes so teachers and my host mom encouraged me to join the band. I had made a lot of friends because we had a practice everyday after school and on the weekend we went out to compete with other schools around Erie. There was about 5 match competitions which we had won one of them. I could say that I’m so glad that I decided to join the marching band. It improved me a lot in many aspects. I learned to be responsible and to work as a team.



When the marching band period ended, I chose to participate in the speech and debate club. And again, I didn’t even like it at first. Honesty, I hate speaking in front of people. But, there was a friend who utterly persuaded me to join the team almost every time we walked pass in the hallway. Eventually, I decided to give it a try. I chose to do original oratory speech, which I wrote my speech called “We All Bleed Red”. It is about the racism and segregation. I participated in many competitions and I improved myself throughout the season. Even though and didn’t win any of them but I felt so good to myself that I’ve already done the thing that I have never imagined myself doing.


In the Spring, I joined the track and field. First I chose to be in the running section but I realised that it was extremely hard for me so I changed to be in the throwing section. I tried everything; juvenile, shot-put and discus. I liked shot-put the most. My coach is so nice. I was so sure that he knew that I was not going to win lol but he did his best to teach me. Track and field was very fun because we went out to track meets every week so I also made a lot of friends there.

IMG_5944 (1).jpg


Apart from all those clubs and activities. Homecoming and Prom were things that every exchange students shouldn’t missed. It was just like in the movie. We dressed up, had a great dinner and had fun at the dance.




And Lastly, the graduation day. It was one of the best day in my life. I was so proud that I accomplished my goal. I felt like everything I went through all the year, either good and bad things was finally done and I was strong enough to get through all of them. So I should thanks Iroquois for giving me a chance to try so many new things that I would never have a chance to do it in Thailand.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and stay tuned for my next journey! 🙂





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