Food Adventure in Japan

Hello guys:) Welcome back to my blog and let’s begin with the new journey together. This week I’m not going to talk about places but I’m going to talk about food! And I’m pretty sure that most of you guys love Japanese food so I decided to review about food and restaurants I had visited during my trip to Japan. All these pictures were taken by me so they might not look that good I’m sorry for that lol.

Let’s begin with my first stop in Osaka!

Kushikatsu Daruma


After landed at the airport, I took the bus to Dotonburi street and stopped at Kushikatsu Daruma.


Kushikatasu is a dish of meat or vegetables that has been cut in mouthful portions, skewered, battered and deep fried. When eating kushikatsu, you dip it in a sauce. Daruma provides the sauce in three flavors which are original sauce, coating and good oil. People said that Kushikatasu tastes better with a glass of beer.


Daruma restaurant have been popular with kushikatsu since 1929 and fortunately, they just have a franchise in Thailand at Thonglor Soi 9.

Acchichi Honpu Takoyaki


I wandered around the Dotonburi street and stopped at one of Takoyaki shops, Acchichi Honpo.


I have to say that Takoyaki in Japan tastes a bit difference from the one I usually have in Thailand. I think their Takoyaki is softer and thicker. Takoyaki in Osaka is very famous so if you go there, try it!

My second stop was in Kobe. I took the train there just because I wanted to try the local Kobe beef.

Kobe Plaisir


Kobe Plaisir was the restaurant I chose. It was one of the famous restaurants for the Kobe beef in Kobe. The restaurant looked very nice with the elegant decoration. It is located on the first floor of The B Kobe Hotel which is only a couple minutes from Sannomiya station.


They have three options including, teppan-yaki, steam and shabu. I chose to eat teppan-yaki. I was taken to the private room. Each room got its own chef and the live cooking station.



And here’s come the delicious Kobe beef!!



The other dishes were also great so I think this short trip to Kobe was worth it 🙂

Finally, my last stop was in Tokyo.



Little shop is a small curry rice restaurant near the Shibuya station. It is very small and there were only 5 tables in the restaurant. Therefore, there were many people lined up to get inside.



It costs 700 YEN. You can choose your own topping including, pork, meat, chicken, egg and vegetables. I think the curry sauce is much more delicious than any curry rice restaurant in Thailand. Moreover, it’s really worth the price because it came in very big portion.

Ichiran Ramen


This ramen restaurant located in Shibuya.


Ichiran specializes in tonkotsu ramen, which is a pork-based broth. They make their own flour-based noodles and their own special red spicy powder. You can choose the level of spiciness, richness and flavor, whether you want roasted pork included, and the amount of garlic, spicy red sauce and scallion.

Kani Doraku


This restaurant located near the Shinjuku station. It just a quick 5 minutes walk to get there.



It serves the great variety of crab dishes from crab sashimi, sushi, grilled crab, shabu etc. You can order meal sets or à la carte. The crabs were flown in everyday from Hokkaido. I think the price was reasonable considering the service and food served.

Sushi Kyubey


Sushi Kyubey has many franchise around Japan. I chose to go to the one in Ginza.


The chef’s recommended sushi menu costs 10,000 yen per person. Each piece was made and then immediately served, one piece at a time. The price is high but trust me it’s worth the quality.



Kyubey uses Japanese fish for their neta (toppings) which may changes due to the seasons.


Reservation is strongly recommended. The maximum seating for each chef is six people and this restaurant is very famous so you need to reserve in advance.

I hope you enjoy reading this and don’t forget to try these restaurants when you are in Japan. Stay tuned for the next journey!


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