A Short Trip to The City Of Maldives

Did you guys know the name of the capital city of Maldives?  I’m quite sure that when most of people think of Maldives, they would imagine the picture of the beautiful island. Not many people would think of a city. So this week I’m taking you guys to know more about Malé, the capital city of Maldives!


This short trip occurred because my sister. She really wanted to see how the city in Maldives looks like so we booked a short trip which costs around 60 dollars per person. We took a ferry around 30 minutes to get there. When we arrived, a tour guide taking us to walk around and see the interesting sites in the city.


Malé is not a very big city so you can easily walk around.  The city have a distinctive character of its own, with narrow streets, colorful houses, graffiti and a strong communal feel. Along my journey, I noticed that I saw mainly men all around the city. The women I saw were mostly tourists. I got the answer from my tour guide that Maldivian are muslims. Men are the one who do the work and women are mostly staying at home. If they are going outside, they need to wear islamic dress code. That is the reason why I barely saw Maldivian women walking in the city.



Our first stop is the Hukuru Miskiy or Malé Friday Mosque. It is the oldest mosque in Maldives which dates from the late 1650s. This mosque was built on the foundations of an earlier temple and it was made of a coral stone. Visitors are supposed to get permission from an official of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs before getting inside. However, they are allowed to walk around the graveyard. It was a very short trip so all I did was just walking and taking the picture around the area.



After we walked out from the Friday Mosque, we found Mulee Aage Palace which located in front of it. This building serves as the office of president, where official meetings are held. I think the building looks really different from the government office we have in Thailand. It seems like a house. The white carvings made it looks beautiful and attractive.


Fish Market was another place that our tour guide leaded us to. It is said to be the soul of Malé because it is the hub of commercial activities. The Fish Market is located along the inner harbor on the north side of the island. There is no opening and closing time but the best time to visit is in the afternoon and early evening.



There are various type fish and other seafood but Tuna is the most popular one for sale. This place is perfect if you want to catch a glimpse of Maldivians’ daily lives. The Fish Market is always crowded with Maldivian and tourists.




Although Malé is just a small city, there are still many sites to see. For me, it is a place where you can learn and understand more about the local tradition and daily lives of Maldivians. So if you go to Maldives and you don’t want to stay at the hotel for the whole trip, the city of Malé is another great place to experience!






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