Four Five Seconds to Laos – A Day In Vientiane

Hello beautiful people of the internet. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And of course, I’m here to serve you some interesting experience as always. This week I’m taking you guys to Laos, one of our neighbouring country. So if you guys ready, let’s get start 🙂


This trip happened in December last year. I went there with my BJM friends. It was our first trip abroad together. We just talked about it and booked the flight and hotel just a few days later actually before I even asked a permission from my mom and dad lol. On the departing day, we were a final call passengers because there were so many people waiting at the check-in counter. So as soon as we checked in, we ran straight to the gate. And that’s probably why we named this trip ‘Four Five Seconds to Laos’. Everything was happened so fast lol.



Vang Vieng was our destination but we wanted to stop at Vientiane for the first night. We took a flight to Udon Thani Airport and then went to the international border check point in Vientiane by taxi which took around an hour. After we entered to Laos, we rent a private van to the downtown of Vientiane. We needed to get their early because we haven’t booked a hotel yet so we wanted to get there before it’s getting dark. It was not that easy to find a hotel because it was a beginning of high season. Finally, we found a hotel to stay for a night.




Vientiane is a small city so it’s really easy to travel around. We chose to travel by Tuk Tuk because it was fast and cheap. This tuktuk is a cross between a Thai tuktuk and Filipino jeepney. It has a larger passenger wagon than the Thai Tuk Tuk. My suggestion is to negotiate the price before setting off.



After we checked-in and took a rest for a little while, we headed out to Patuxai which located at the far end of Thanon Lane Xang in the government and diplomatic district.  Patuxai means “Victory Gate”. It is a massive concrete monument which similar in style to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. The Patuxai or Patuxay was built in the 1960’s as a memorial for those who gave their lives serving their country in several wars.



Vientiane Night Market was our last stop for the first day. It was where we could find hundreds of shops selling superior silk weaving, metalwork, and woodcarving pieces. The Market located near the Mekong river so we could have a nice walk on the riverside. The opening hours is from 6pm-10pm. We also had a dinner near that area before we walked back to the hotel.


On the next morning, we headed to find a transportation to get to Vang Viang. We could get there by a bus or van. We decided that we should go there by a van because it took less amount of time. We spent around 5 hours on the van. It was quite a harsh trip because the road was kind of rough. We arrived at Vang Viang in the evening and went straight to the resort.

Thanks to my crews for all the pictures; llschvtsvision, amumuisbrown, djjanny, pinggyping, wanida and aowheii 🙂

Next week, I’m going to continue talking about our journey to Vang Viang so stay tuned!


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