Four Five Seconds to Laos

Hello guys 🙂 Welcome back again! As I have promised, this week I’m going to bring you guys to Vang Vieng which is one of the beautiful town in Laos. Vang Vieng is a tourist-oriented town in Vientiane Province. The town lies on the Nam Song River. Vang Vieng is surrounded by the karst hill landscape which made it looks unique.


After 5 hours on the van, we had arrived at the centre of Vang Vieng then we took a 10 minutes of walking around the city before headed to the resort. We stayed at the River View Bungalows for the rest of our trip.



River View Bungalows  located in the center of Vang Vieng with spectacular views overlooking the Nam Song River and mountains. It offers a convenient location for Vang Vieng travel and sightseeing opportunities. The Bungalows is only one kilometer to Padeng Cave and Ring Cave and 15 kilometers to Elephant Cave and Water Cave.



Before we arrived at the Bungalows, we had seen these street food stalls all around Vang Vieng. They sell various kinds pancake, sandwiches, burger and smoothies. These stalls sell the same products and it was funny that they located near to each other. Me and my friends bought sandwiches for each of us from the different stalls.


We didn’t do much on the first day in Vang Vieng. We were just taking pictures around the Bungalows and went out to find a travel tour. It was easy to find a tour because there were so many company available. We bought a travel package which including  Tham Chang (Elephant Cave),Tham Nam (Water Cave) ,Tham Phu Kham Cave and Blue Lagoon. This tour package also provided kayaking around the Nam Song River.


After we had booked the tour, a tour guide told us that we could go to the Tham Chang Cave on that day because it was not very far from our Bungalows. The cave is located on the Southern side of Vang Vieng. You have to pay the entrance fee at the gate of Vang Vieng Resort and cross the bridge over the Nam Xong to the steps leading up the cliff to Tham Chang.



The cave is said to have been used as a refuge during the 19th century. Its name chang meaning ‘loyal’ or ‘steadfast’. The cave was quiet and dark. It was kind of interesting to walk and take pictures around. Inside the cave, there was the Buddha with the lights shinning on it which was very beautiful.




We went out for the whole day on our second day. First, we were heading to Tham Nam or the Water Cave. The Water Cave is simply a network of rivers running through the mountainside. The cool thing is that you can hire a tube and torch for 10,000 kip and follow a rope right through the cave.




Our next destination were Tham Phu Kham Cave and the Blue Lagoon. We have to walk passed the village of Ban Na Thong in order to get there. A hiking trail on the forested hill leads to the Phu Kham cave’s entrance, about halfway up the limestone cliff. The cave is a labyrinth of chambers. The main cave chamber contains a Thai bronze ­reclining Buddha.



At the bottom of the track to the cave is the Blue Lagoon, a beautiful pool with crystal clear waters. Next to the pool is a tree with ropes hanging down from its branches to swing off from and jump in the water. Actually, I was a bit disappointed after I saw the Blue Lagoon because I thought it would be much bigger than the real one I had seen.


We ended the day by Kayaking back to our Bungalows. I think Kayak is the most favorite activity for me. It was chilling and relaxing. Kayaking on the Nam Song River is perfect to enjoy the amazing Vang Vieng nature surrounded by rugged karsts and beautiful rural scenery.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 11.25.29 PM.png

On the last day of our trip, we were just chilling and waiting for the bus to head back to Udon Thani. We chose to take a bus straight to Udon Thani then take a flight from there back to Bangkok. I could say that this trip is one of my favorite. I really enjoyed my time there and I hope that there will be a trip with these friends again soon.

Ps. Thanks again to all of my Laos trip crews for all these pictures! If you guys want to see more beautiful pictures, you can search #fourfivesecstolaos on the instragram.

Thank you all my wonderful readers for reading my blog. I really appreciated it and I hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them every week 🙂









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  1. Love the cave photos ka sis, good job with the photos. Love them ka. I don’t know why but I love the cave photos, it seems so adventurous, and you girls look very soft and demure. Very interesting XD Did you jump the rope in Blue Lagoon?


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