Postmodernism x Toey Tiew Thai

Hello guys! Welcome back again. I hope you all have a great weekend 🙂

This week I’m still stick with the topic which is how society and media affect the travel industry. However, I will put some more details with something I have learned in my JM204 Media and Society class.

Several weeks ago, I have learned about the new big topic which is “Postmodern”. Some of you guys may not know what is the postmodern. So postmodern focuses on the importance and power of the media and popular culture. It said that these are the factors that govern and shaped all other forms of social relationship. In another world, it said that how we live our lives are shaped by the media.


To this point, you guys may wonder how postmodernism plays a role in our travel lifestyles. So nowadays media became part of our lives. We connect with the media all the time. For instance, we always check our social media account and we also watch the television or surfing things on the internet. Therefore, it is obviously that the media is one of the big factor that shape the our minds and the way we are thinking. This best example  to see how it influenced our travel lifestyles is that there are so so many travel programs either on television or online recently. We have to accept that this is the fastest way for us to discover and explore the world. If we don’t have these media, we would never know that there are some beautiful places existed.


As I mentioned above that there are so many travel programs nowadays. Most of them are mainly focus on the places they wanted to represent and their aims are to acknowledge the audiences about the travel sites. However, there is one unique travel tv show called “Toey Tiew Thai”. It started to on air since 2011. The show is so popular among people in all ages especially the teenagers. The show is run by the three openly gay hosts. “Toey Tiew Thai” began as a bit of a lark on the Internet before GMM One Channel picked it up for broadcast.   The show is around 1 hour long and it takes the audiences to many travel destinations in Thailand. There is one section that let the audience interact with the show by let people voting and comment on the hosts’ photoshoot each week.


Much of the hilarity comes from the chatter among the three hosts and the way they describe the places they visit. The strategy of the show is to make the audiences feel like they are traveling with their friends and every place the show represent is possible for the audiences to follow. The show didn’t take the viewers to luxurious places where people need the large amount of budget. Instead, it takes people to the place that is affordable and possible to go even if they have a low budget. Some places might be the places where people already familiar with but the show wanted to represent the way to make the normal trip seems more special. The The way the show makes it easy and entertaining is probably the reason why “Toey Tiew Thai” is stand out of all the other shows.


The show so popular that many of the viewers follow the routes and want to experience it at the real place. Therefore, it helps improve our tourism and travel economics in the country. However, sometimes there is a case that people disappointed when they arrived at the real place because it seems so much better in the media and it was not the same as they had expected.

From my point of view, the media is very powerful tool which can really influenced the audiences’ decision to travel. So it seems that we live in the world defined by images and representation that is called “hyperreality” which it hard for us to distinguish between what is real or not because the connection of media and society is so close.

What do you think of postmodernism and travel lifestyles? Feel free to share your idea with me. I’ll see you guys again soon 🙂


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  1. hey i just want to say i like your blog! I do agree that nowadays, we have to accept that media plays an important role of making us know about new places and it is easier for us to travel around with the help of social media.


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