Pop Culture Travel Destinations

Hello guys! How was your holiday? Did you guys enjoy splashing water? I hope you all have a great one!! And before we have to get back to work or study I’m back again with an interesting topic for you all today. Lately, I have been looking through twitter and travel pages and found that the dream destination for many people have changed because of the impact of pop culture.

I’m really sure you all know that now we have been living in the world of pop culture era. The term of popular culture holds different meanings depending on who’s define it and the context of the use. In this case, popular culture is something that people agree about. It  involves the aspects of social life most actively involved in by the public. As the ‘culture of the people’, popular culture is determined by the interactions between people in their everyday activities such as styles of dress, the use of slang, greeting rituals and the foods that people eat are all examples of popular culture. Popular culture is also informed by the mass media.

There are numerous sources of popular culture. As implied above, a primary source is the mass media, especially popular music, film, television, radio, video games, books and the internet. According to the development of technology, nowadays people all around the world can easily access these type of media. So until this point you guys might questioning how it all has to do with people’s travel destination right? I have to say that it is because now people can experience things through the media without having to get the real life experience. They can learn and see the world just right at their home on the computer or tv screen.

People dream destination in the past is mostly the top attraction places in each country. People often visit a place like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Great Wall in China. However, it has changed since the popular culture started. People began to know about places that are not considered as the top sites for the country. For instance, nowadays, the foreigners come to Thailand with the expectation to see and experience the nightlife in KhaoSarn Road or Thai people wish to go to Korea to visit the places that their favorite tv series are filmed.

I also have my pop culture dream destination that I’m pretty sure it is the same as most of you guys. It’s a place where it filmed the World’s best known movie “Harry Potter”.  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter film series is actually a few locations around England: Christ Church College and Cathedral in Oxford was used for its 16th-century stone staircase, and the design of its dining hall inspired Hogwarts’ Great Hall; Gloucester Cathedral was used for the school’s hallways in the first two films; Lacock Abbey near Chippenham in Wiltshire was used for a number of Hogwarts’ classrooms; and Bodleian Library of Oxford University, Fourth Form Room of Harrow Old Schools in Greater London, and Alnwick Castle in Northumberland were all locations used to bring Hogwarts alive on the big screen.

Apart from Harry Potter filming location, there are so many interesting places around London waiting for me to visit so I really help this dream destination is going to happen very soon.



I hope this blog helps you guys see how much pop culture can impact us today and feel free to share your pop culture destinations with me!! see you guys soon 🙂


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